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House Cleaner Glasgow Newlands

If your looking for a house cleaner Glasgow Newlands and to have your sparkling clean the you have come to the correct place.  We offer the best house cleaning in Newlands, Glasgow.  We offer various cleaning services from a Deep clean to a light daily clean to keep on top of your beautiful home.  Our services are vey cost effective and affordable, we keep on top of your house work so you can concentrate on looking after your family or maintaining your busy work/life balance in this busy world we live in.


Home Cleaning Service

Our general home cleaning service is one of our services that most of our clients subscribe to.  It enables you to enjoy a great work/life balance and is very reasonable price from £13.50 per hour. 

This service mainly involves:

  • Hoovering
  • Dusting
  • Mopping of floors
  • Cleaning Kitchens
  • Cleaning Bathrooms and shower rooms
  • Cleaning public areas
  • Cleaning private bedrooms

Also includes any other general cleaning around the house.  We offer a free consultation for your personalised cleaning service to suit your needs. Contact Carly for more details Contact us.

Spring Cleaning

One Off Spring Clean

What’s includedHow long will it take?

Kitchen Cleaning

All visible surfaces cleaned including all white goods, front of kitchen cabinets and drawers, cooker top/backsplash/hood, the door and door handles/light switches, sink area, floor brushed and mopped, kick plates/skirting.

Bathroom Cleaning

Wipe all surfaces around the sink/taps, clean bathtub and toilet, the shower area(including any safety glass), brush and mop floor, dust/polish any mirrors and pictures.

Living Room Cleaning

Dust around the skirting and window area, mantel piece, shelves, bookcase, side/coffee tables, T.V. & stand, hoover carpets/flooring and mop, using a telescopic duster (if available from client) hanging lampshades, cornice, high to reach areas such as around window areas, the corners and tops of picture frames.

Hall Cleaning

Dust & polish of any furniture (inc ornaments, photo frames) skirting, hoovered and mopped.

Bedroom Cleaning

Dust and polish of all furniture (inc. any ornaments, photo frames, mirrors) skirting dusted, carpet/flooring hoovered and mopped.

A one off spring clean takes between 3 – 4 hours, although this can vary depending on the size and attention needed within your homePlease read our price section for further details.  Prices from £95.00


Home help Service

  • Preparing & cooking a small meal
  • Housework/tidying
  • Laundry – putting on a load of washing then hanging up to dry, fold and put away
  • Taking care of the rubbish/recycling
  • Ironing
  • Feeding small pets i.e. cats and dogs
  • Watering plants.

We can also help with

Arranging appointments with Doctors, Dentists, Chiropodist, or other health professionals
Hairdressing/Manicure appointments

*We can then remind our clients about their appointments if and when necessary.

Errand Service

  • Collecting dry cleaning/laundry
  • Picking up medication from local chemist
  • Going to local shops for items e.g. bread & milk
  • Paying bills such as a T.V. license at the local newsagent
  • Taking parcels to local Post Office (must be within walking distance from your home)

At this moment in time we do NOT offer ANY personal care, we are primarily home helps only and not carers, however, we may offer this service in the future and will keep this page updated with any advancements.

Deep Cleaning Service

What’s included? How long does it take?
You can expect all of the above but with the following additions:

Kettle, toaster, bread bin or any kitchen equipment left out on worktop such as a food mixer, coffee machine, top of microwave (also inside if not heavily soiled), shelves will also be cleaned.

Bathroom Cleaning

tiled area around bath/shower would be scrubbed up until shiny, any dusting in hard to reach areas.

Living room/lounge Cleaning Service

Dusting in harder to reach places such as underneath radiator, moving furniture (within reason) to access dust e.g. underneath a sofa or a table, chair, behind the T.V.

Bedroom Cleaning

Dusting in the harder to reach areas around the tops of windows and curtain rails/tracking, corners of ceiling.

Hall Cleaning

Inside of front door cleaned(including any glass area), dust hard to reach areas

A deep clean will last at least 4.5 hours, although as with a one off Spring clean, the time can vary depending on the size and attention needed within your homePlease read our price section for further details but we offer a flat rate of £16.00 for this service.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Ladybird Services offer this service to commercial and private customers.  End of tenancy cleaning is always a burden and cause of frustration especially for owners that rent out their own properties.  We can go in to the property to give it a good clean to give you the peace of mind that its clean and fresh, even before you inspect it.  This usually takes most of the frustration away as its common to feel that your tenant hasn’t left your property the way you would expect it left. Prices from £145.00


(small animals only) – If for some reason you have to leave your pet/pets at home overnight or for a couple of days and need some help to look after your fur babies, look no further, Ladybird Services can come and feed your cats/rabbits/goldfish/ while you’re away. If you would like your dog(only small dogs) walked, that is something that could also be arranged.



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