Why I need a house cleaner in the southside of Glasgow?

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Why I need a house cleaner in the southside of Glasgow?

If your life is vastly consumed by all the usual suspects of work, taking care of close family members as well as extended family members, pets, and a social life. Cleaning can be fairly low on your list of priorities. 

Although to maintain our homes takes time and effort, it’s not always something that many people have the energy for at the end of a long working week, but the maintenance of our beloved homes looms firmly in the background and is often plentiful and awaiting our attention.

That’s where we – Ladybird Services of Battlefield can swoop in and give you some relief from the housework/cleaning many of us find, well… a chore or simply cannot find extra hours in the day or week to take care of everything.

Good home cleaners have been likened to hairdressers, and we understand the importance of the qualities needed in finding a cleaner who is reliable, trustworthy, pays attention to detail and is affordable are paramount when leaving your home in our capable hands.

Ladybird Services are a product of the first lockdown, although existed nameless for 7years before its launch in August 2020! I myself have cleaned many flats in the older tenement buildings within the local areas of Battlefield, Newlands, Cathcart, Merrylee, Shawlands, Strathbungo, and Pollokshields. So as a small local business owner I also know the area well as I have lived on the southside all of my life.

As home cleaners we get to know our clients well if we are scheduled into a weekly/fortnightly slot for a general clean and can help out with additional services such as oven cleaning, deep cleaning and pet sitting i.e., we could come to your home and feed your cats if you’re away for the day/night.

Please get in touch if any of our services are required.


My No.1 go to product is…

My trusted bottle of Fairy liquid!

In my opinion, Fairy Liquid is at the top of my list for cleaning, I cannot do without it! and it lasts for ages because such a small amount is needed. For me it has to be Fairy Liquid or Lidl’s W5 Platinum Washing Up Liquid, NOTHING else will do. Squeezed into a basin and then by adding piping hot water is where the cleaning magic begins.

So simple and effective, Ive found you don’t have to buy lots of expensive cleaning products for fantastic results. Even professional window cleaners will confirm it’s fairy liquid they use for their sparkling windows.

Fairy liquid can clean so many different areas within your home such as your windows, mirrors, shower cubicles and shower safety glass. Its also great for tiles and makes them super shiny.

It’s a marvellous de-greaser for example on a cooker hood, all you need is hot clean cloth with some fairy on it, place it on top of the cooker hood for about 10 seconds and then the grease should come off with ease, rinse and repeat with no scrubbing needed. The same method can be used on any jars used or pottery/kitchen wear displayed on shelves in a heavily used kitchen area.

After all that ‘bigging’ up on  fairy, Ive remembered one final but very crucial point which is important –  Its gentle – for all involved – my clients, their beloved children and pets and for myself. It means I’m not constantly inhaling lots of different chemicals all day, five days a week which is better news for everyone including all the kitchen fitting, tiles etc.


Where does my love of cleaning come from?

As a small child my mum would always encourage me to keep my room tidy as parents often do!

As I grew, so did my cleaning, I remember cleaning my dolls in the bath making sure they were squeaky clean, quite literally. Then i would fill a basin of water with – yes, you’ve guessed it – fairy liquid and hot water and clean all my shelves filled to the brim with teddy bears, books and other little bits and bobs I’d collected. I would get rid of any dust and dry them off with a clean tea towel.

My mum gave me lots of praise for doing this which encouraged me to keep my room and my belongings cherished and well taken care of. I also quickly realised that i could also earn myself some pocket money by helping my mum around the house. Doing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, changing the cat’s litter tray and other small tasks. I enjoyed helping my parents around the house.

My mum never had a cupboard full to the brim of cleaning products, she was definitely old school and didn’t believe in buying a product for every job needing done. She was always improving our home, her and my dad, he would decorate our rooms and I was his trusted helper, cutting the bottom of the wallpaper he hung and slapping lashings of wallpaper paste onto it beforehand. I was always willing to muck in and get my hands dirty. My younger brother was the opposite and hated the feeling of soap!

First ever cleaning job

My first job where cleaning was my predominant role was in a kibbutz in Israel. I went there on a working holiday back in the year 2000. I mainly cleaned all of the rooms and surrounding grounds of their five star hostel buildings contained within the  kibbutz. My boss was an Argentinian ex-army guy and a very driven and over powering character. He was very good at displaying all of his emotions good and bad, so i never ever had to second guess whether my work was up to scratch or not. Luckily he had a superb sense of humour which staved off any built up ill feelings we had towards his strict and sometimes harsh manner.

I stayed in Israel for over four months mostly cleaning hostel rooms which was very hard work in the desert sun but i did miss it terribly when i came home to Glasgow. I missed the close sense of community, and many, many friends i made from countries all over the world. Israel opened my eyes to many people from many different cultures and traditions, it is a diverse and ancient land with so much history as well as arid deserts and lush green waterfalls in the north. I would take my old job back now, even just for a bit of Israeli sunshine.

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